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      Originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, I am a proud graduate of Georgia State University College of Law, having received my undergraduate degree in chemistry from Auburn University.  Having worked for 8 years before returning to law school, I have something most other attorney’s do not have in this day and age:  real world work experience.  I have worked in grocery stores, laboratories, and on the factory floor.  I understand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck and have to work for what you have. 

      After graduating from Auburn University, I worked for a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) certified toxicology lab.  This 


provided me experience with the same testing techniques used by experts to test for everything from illegal drugs to chemical contamination.  After running thousands of tests, I left this position to work in the engineering department with a large carpet and textile manufacturer in LaGrange, Georgia.  Here, I worked with people from all different walks of life and learned to communicate with people at all levels.  I stayed with this company for over 7 years before being inspired to return to law school. 

     After law school, I spent 7 years at the Carroll County District Attorney's office. There, I prosecuted hundreds of cases from murder, child molestation, and drug trafficking to simple assault and DUI. I left the DA's office and started my own law practice to help people through the increasingly difficult and complex legal process. My experience in the DA's office gives me particular insight that most other criminal defense attorneys do not have. Knowing how prosecutors operate and how police write their reports gives me an advantage when it comes to defending my clients. Using what I learned from my time at the DA's office, I have now zealously defended over a thousand cases. 

    From criminal charges to divorce proceedings, when someone is involved with the court system they need an attorney who will work hard for them in or out of the courtroom.  With dedication to clients, the ability to communicate in a way everyone can understand, and real world working experience, I can help you when you need it the most. 


      After practicing for several years as a defense attorney I was approached on becoming the Municipal Court Judge of Franklin in Heard County.  I accepted that position and have been ensuring that justice is delivered fairly within the confines of the City of Franklin.  Working as a judge gives an attorney a unique look at a different angle and you also serve as the fact finder to ensure that the city proves its case.  I have done all of this in a fair manner in Franklin and now also serve as the Judge of the City of Ephesus also in Heard County.

      If you need an attorney that will represent you and be available to you when you need them, please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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